Does Existing RI gets applied after resizing the 2-node ds2.xlarge cluster to a 1-node ra3.xlplus cluster


Hello team, If I have purchased a 3-year RI for a 2-node ds2.xlarge cluster with a partial upfront payment. Now, trying to resize the existing 2-node ds2.xlarge cluster to a 1-node ra3.xlplus cluster. Does that mean, will existing RI contract remains valid for the remaining days and get applied to new 1-node ra3.xlplus cluster? Is there any supporting document available for this? During the resize operation, it still shows the reserved instance contract will be applied to the new 2-node ra3.xlplus cluster, even when it is a 1-node cluster, why?

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No, the Reserved Instances for Redshift (and other non-EC2 services, for that matter) apply only if the attributes of the RI match the running node types, which is the same type and size. But because you're upgrading to a new generation Redshift nodes (which is a best practice we advise), I suggest to reach out to support - open a billing support case from your account where you have the existing 3yr RI commitment - and ask if there may be options for you to replace the RI with the new one for a new node type.

Since RIs are a commitment for a term, they generally cannot be cancelled or modified. One of the reasons is that generally RI mechanism helps AWS plan the required capacity for customers who commit to use a certain type of resources. If you change the instance/node type or size, the RIs don't get automatically adjusted. But again, as I suggested, please open a support case and ask if there are replacement options considering that you plan to migrate to latest generation nodes (as per AWS best practices).

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Hello Raju,

You actually can convert your DS2 RI to RA3 RI, or at least you could, without necessarily contacting the support:

Enter image description here

Please check this page to know more:

Keep in mind that this might be outdated and this "reserved-node upgrade process" might not be available on the console anymore, so you will have to contact the support. Or if you want to resize to a different size than the recommended you will need to contact them too.

Hope this helps you!

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