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Customer purchased a compute savings plan , 3 year commitment for $11.23200/hour , Any region but MTD utilization is showing as 58.46% . What parameters we should consider while planning to make this MTD utilization 100%

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Here are some things you could consider to increase utilization of the compute savings plan:

  • Check if your usage is covered by AWS free tier hours. Usage within free tier will not count towards savings plan utilization.
  • Analyze the utilization report to understand usage patterns and identify opportunities to consolidate workloads or right-size instances. This could lead to more usage being covered by the savings plan.
  • Consider adopting recommendations from AWS Compute Optimizer to improve resource utilization through right-sizing or workload consolidation. This can help increase savings plan usage.
  • Forecast future compute usage based on growth projections and adjust instance types/counts to fully utilize the savings plan capacity.
  • Rebalance workloads across regions included in the plan to take advantage of under-utilized capacity in some regions.
  • For a 3-year plan, utilization may increase over time as usage grows. Monitor utilization regularly and adjust resource provisioning as needed.
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