Unable to scan Wifi networks with AmazonFreeRTS in iOS app after connecting to one



I'm working with the AmazonFreeRTS library for iOS. The app I'm writing only needs to perform the function of connecting the device to a Wifi network.

I'm able to successfully establish a Bluetooth connection to my device, and I'm able to retrieve a list of nearby Wifi networks. I'm also able to connect to my Wifi network by providing its password with the SaveNetworkRequest. I can tell that it worked because I can see that the device in my router's DNS table.

The problem is that once the device is connected to Wifi, I can no longer get a list of Wifi networks in order to either see which network is connected or potentially let the user connect to a different network. When I issue the command to list networks, I get no response back from the device, not even an error.

Thinking the problem might be in my code, I completely wiped out and reset my device (it's an ESP32 dev board, so I'm able to do this using esptool) and I repeated the procedure using the demo app provided by Amazon (AmazonFreeRTSDemo). The result is the same, once I connect, I can no longer see a list of networks.

Is there some command I need to give in order to either disconnect my device from Wifi or otherwise put it in a state where it is able to scan Wifi networks again? I can see that the demo app starts the scan process by writing a 1 to the NetworkConfigControl address, and I've done the same, but it doesn't appear to help.

Thanks, Frank

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