Https website - in s3 -- call node api running on ec2


I have a website running in an s3 bucket Traffic is routed using route 53 I have created a certificate with ACM I have added the certificate to cloudwatch etc

My site is now https when i try calling my api which is node/express, and exists task run by service on ec2 instance

I have a ALB load balancer set up, with listeners pointing to target groups that point to my api.

Has always worked fine until I added https.

I have tried running my api with 2 ports exposed- 8086 and 8443 ---- using another certificate created in ACM (this may be wrong)

But i dont think traffic is even making it that far. I get a mix of errors related to the certificates invalid, or common name being off, depending on what I do.

There is a https listener with a default certificate etc, but I still think Im missing something major here, or a more elegant way to allow my webpage to talk to my api.

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Did you mean in 1st line certificate was added to CloudFront instead of CloudWatch? When you get the certificate error, what url is your browser going to and what is the common name on the cert (as well as any subject alt names)?

answered 3 months ago

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