Claude 3 Haiku model in Europe Frankfurt region?


Hi, Since the Claude 3 models are just released in the US regions, I am curious if there is anything known about the release in Europe. For my use case I need model access at the Frankfurt region. Anyone who knows something about the future availability of the models? Thank you!

  • Same requirement here because of GDPR! Please prioritize, thanks a lot!

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Hi Sem, I would suggest to contact directly your AWS account team, your local SA, or even support to get some confirmation over this information. Generative AI normally is treat it as a priority, so i would expect this to come in any time, but please confirm through official channels.

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  • In addition to the previous comment, you can stay updated on the latest AWS service releases by visiting the What's New with AWS page. This site provides timely news and announcements about AWS offerings.

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