Backup and Restore Oracle RDS Cross Account at Schema and Table Level


We want to backup and restore Oracle RDS twice a day (incrementally) cross account at the schema and tables level, excluding DMS, Golden Gate, snapshots, and RMAN. What third-party solution is available to do this job, or is the right solution doing it?

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For backing up and restoring Oracle RDS instances incrementally, cross-account, at the schema and tables level, without using AWS Data Migration Service (DMS), Oracle GoldenGate, RDS snapshots, or RMAN, consider the following options:

  • Quest Foglight for Databases or Quest SharePlex: Offers real-time data replication and may support the required cross-account, incremental backups at a granular level.
  • Dbvisit Standby: Specializes in Oracle databases for disaster recovery with real-time replication capabilities that could be adapted for specific backup scenarios.

It's vital to evaluate these solutions against your specific backup and restore requirements, considering factors like recovery objectives, acceptable downtime, and operational complexity.

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answered 2 months ago


Please note, RDS Oracle backup for schema & table which is logical backups and it can be taken using Oracle datapump utility [1]. But note, this will not be incremental backups.

Furthermore, backups can be stored in S3 and cross account bucket policy can be set to access datapump backups and later can perform datapump import using s3 integration with RDS Oracle [2].


[1] [2] : Amazon S3 integration

I hope this helps.

answered 15 days ago

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