Data Migration from One account s3 to another account s3 using data sync


At the moment, we are trying to transfer 200 TB of data from one S3 account to another S3 account using Data Sync. I would like to know what bandwidth the data will migrate into, if it is dependent on our network bandwidth, or if it will be taken by AWS. And I also want to know what the different types of costs are for all of that migration.

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Hi Raj

Moving data from one s3 bucket to another, your network bandwidth won't come into the play. Refer this Datasync Network Requirement.

However if you are migrating data from on prem to AWS, then you can control the bandwidth limit. Reference document link is here Datasync Limiting Bandwidth.

For pricing, datasync has fairly simple pricing and refer example3 here at this documentation Datasync Pricing . Though there are few other factors involved, but major one to keep in mind while using datasync is source and target region when both are AWS.

I'm pasting the verbiage for your quick reference from above mentioned link:

Copying data to and from Amazon S3

When copying data to or from S3, you are charged standard request charges for the following S3 requests: LIST, HEAD, GET, PUT, and COPY. The exact operations performed depend upon the configuration of your DataSync task. For more information, read about evaluating S3 request costs in our documentation. Requests and storage charges can vary between S3 storage classes. You may also incur additional charges when reading and writing objects in different S3 storage classes. Read about working with Amazon S3 storage classes in our documentation.

Additional References: Configuring AWS DataSync transfers with Amazon S3

Tutorial: Transferring data from Amazon S3 to Amazon S3 in a different AWS account,or%20need%20public%20IP%20addresses.

AWS DataSync FAQs

Protect your files using AWS DataSync

PS: S3 batch replication is something too, which can be considered for large volume of data transfers between two s3 buckets. S3 Batch Replication

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  • One more doubt, How we can securely do the migration process over the internet. Normally the data will travel through the internet when we using data sync.Can you give some advice how to secure the data while migration.

  • Thank you so much Abhishek.

  • It seems my update to answer with artifacts wasn't posted. These additional references would definitely help in getting more familiar with datasync.

  • Absolutely, all the data including metadata would be encrypted in transit using TLS1.2. AWS datasync is an online service, where you can copy data over internet, or within VPC via direct connect or VPN. For your clarity, I've added few artifacts at the end of the answer, which would definitely help you in getting more clarity about data security, cost, movement, datasync setup. Please take a look and let me know if you have any additional questions.


I would like to know how much time will took for migrating 200 TB data and 50 million objects from one s3 to another account s3 using data sync and also want to know the cost for it.

answered a year ago
  • I have transferred ~500TB of data in roughly approx 14-15hours, but in my case, number of files were not much since each file size was in GBs.

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