Individual file to be restore from FSX file system


Is it possible to recover individual file or folder from FSX file system.

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You will need to restore the backup to a new FSx file system, retrieve the target file(s), then delete the restored filesystem. See Restoring backups

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You cannot restore individual files or folders from an FSx backup. However, you can use an available backup to create a new file system and then access the files you need. Restoring a backup to a new file system takes the same amount of time as creating a new file system, and the data restored from the backup is lazy-loaded onto the file system - so this can still be an efficient way to restore a single file or folder.

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As per the documentation

You can't restore to an existing Amazon FSx file system, and you can't restore individual files or folders.
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An option for quick recovery of individual files is to enable shadow copies on the FSx file system. However, note the recommendations (SSD/capacity/IOPS) when enabling shadow copies. Depending on your workload and rate of file recovery requests, it may or may not be a small increase in cost for a lot of convenience.

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