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I will have to use Mysql 5.7 for a while and will be facing extended support costs. In the latest email, they said "You can find an estimate of the Amazon RDS Extended Support charges for your Amazon RDS for MySQL 5.7 database instances in the "Affected Resources" tab of the AWS Health Dashboard" This does not seem to be true though. I see that my instance is on the pending update, but there is no cost displayed. Anyone know were to find this estimated cost? My usage is always the same month to month.

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You can find it at Amazon RDS Extended Support costs under section RDS Extended Support pricing per hour

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You won't incur charges for RDS Extended Support until the start date of Extended Support pricing for your database's major version. In case of your mysql 5.7, you will be charges after 1 March 2024.

You can see an estimation, but you also can try yourself: This is an example for the year 1 and year 2

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