Redshift-Serverless - Create Endpoint Access in a different AWS Account


Redshift allows you to deploy Redshift-managed VPC endpoints in a different AWS account than the one where the cluster resides as described here. However, there appears to be no option to accomplish this for Redshift-serverless instances.

The document here explains how to do this for another VPC in the same account, but no options seem to exist to do it cross-account. Even over aws-cli, while you can specify --resource-owner when using aws redshift create-endpoint-access, but no such options exist for aws redshift-serverless.

Any hints around how to do this for serverless are much appreciated!!

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AWS Redshift Serverless does not provide a built-in way to create VPC endpoint access for a Redshift Serverless cluster in a different AWS account.

If you want you can do it manually

  • Create a VPC peering connection between the VPC in the account where the Redshift Serverless cluster resides and the VPC in the other account where you want to access the Redshift Serverless cluster.
  • Update the route tables in both VPCs to include routes for the CIDR blocks of the peered VPCs
  • Modify Security groups
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answered a year ago

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