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Which type of EBS volume ( General-purpose SSD/ Provisioned IOPs type) is being attached to a Sagemaker Notebook instance. I see there is no provision to look up the type of EBS attached from the instance details on the management console.

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Hi there,

There is no option to select different tiers of EBS storage for SageMaker Notebook Instaces. According to the Notebook Instances tab of the SageMaker Pricing Page, you pay a flat rate for a tier described as "General Purpose (SSD) Storage".

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  • Thank you for the answer ! Does that mean the type of EBS volume used by Notebook instances is fixed as "General Purpose SSD (gp3) - Storage" and has a pricing as per https://aws.amazon.com/ebs/pricing/ ? Which also means if the notebook instance's EBS gets updated from the default 5 GB to a higher value ( say 20 GB), we would be paying "price"/GB-month * 20.

  • When an notebook instance is requested, SageMaker, as a fully managed service, launches an ML compute instance and attaches a default Amazon EBS storage volume of 5 GB to it. You can configure the size of the EBS volume, but not the type. The pricing for said EBS storage volume is fixed, and specified per region in https://aws.amazon.com/sagemaker/pricing/. As you mentioned, you will be charged per GB-month of provisioned storage.

  • Got it, Thank you for the details.

  • @jnavrro Thanks. Will that attached EBS be detached and terminated after Notebook Instance is stopped, so that account is not billed on anything after instanse is stopped?

    Also curious, is there is a way somehow to view this attached EBS on a running Notebook Instance? I could not find it on the EC2 EBS Volumes list and have no idea where else all EBSs are displayed.

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