RDS: Unable to restore MySQL 5.6 snapshot


I have a snapshot of a MySQL 5.6.35 instance that I want to restore, but it seems like this is no longer possible, I just get the following message when trying to restore the snapshot from the AWS console :

RDS does not support creating a DB instance with the following combination: DBInstanceClass=db.m6i.large, Engine=mysql, EngineVersion=5.6.35, LicenseModel=general-public-license. For supported combinations of instance class and database engine version, see the documentation.

Is there any other way to retrieve the database contents from the snapshot? Or is there a way to upgrade the snapshot itself to MySQL 5.7?

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Unfortunatly RDS does not support your following configuration, however you could upgrade to MySQL 5.7 (You can use the AWS CLI or SDK to upgrade the snapshot to MySQL 5.7. After upgrading, you can create a new RDS instance with the upgraded snapshot). or upload your snapshot to an EC2 instance (which may take a few more steps)

answered a year ago
  • Thanks for the answer, I will give it a go from the CLI then ...

  • Hmm, it doesn't seem to work from the CLI either :

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>aws rds modify-db-snapshot --db-snapshot-identifier mysqldb5635-snapshot --engine-version 5.7.38 --profile dbadmin

    An error occurred (InvalidParameterCombination) when calling the ModifyDBSnapshot operation: You can't upgrade the DB snapshot from the engine version 5.6.35 to 5.7.38.

Accepted Answer

Ok, seems like in my case the answer was to choose a bigger machine to restore it to, i.e. db.m5.xlarge instead of db.m5.large

answered a year ago

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