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cant find automatic statistics collection ow AWS RDS Oracle.



Currently working on Oracle19c

I cant find either the automatic table data statistics enable both ways

  • DBA_AUTOTASK_CLIENT auto optimizer_stats_collection is set to disabled

Neither i can find a concise documentation in the guides for RDS standard tasks for such important recurrent task

Is there a reason for none of them is activated? Does the statistics collection obey the maintenance windows set in the AWS console and not in Oracle schedulers?

Thanks Alexandre

4 Answers

A careful read of Oracle's documentation is important here. Managing Automated Database Maintenance Tasks

You find automated maintenance tasks now in dbms_auto_task_admin. There are several dictionary views related to this. Automated Maintenance Tasks Database Dictionary Views

answered 2 months ago

in oracle 19, there is no GATHER_STATISTICS_JOB indeed... but im still wondering why auto optimizer_stats_collection is disabled, since its the default for oracle 11 onwards... is there any other scheduler based on the maintenance window set in the AWS RDS Configuration?

answered 2 months ago

and by the way on all other RDS, the task is enabled in DBA_AUTOTASK_CLIENT ... wonder why someone jumped into this one to disable it....

answered 2 months ago

Thanks Tim for the additional links. Its indeed an important matter since statistics collection is a key role in DB management. Its fine for me and probably for the other DBAs to have some tasks using Oracle's internal scheduler, and its actually working fine.... but i think that somewhere in the future there should be an integration be done between the maintenance window configuration in the RDS panel and Oracle's internal scheduler, for the sake of consistency

answered 2 months ago

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