ssh error when connecting ec2 instance using gitbash


ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

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Not a lot of info provided. Check your SG first to ensure you allow SSH (tcp/22) from the source and also check your NACL. Connection timed out suggests it is network connectivity related issue.

answered 2 years ago

this timeout problem comes for one of the reason might be ssh firewall blocked internally (ufw) : first makesure security group port 22 enabled or not , despite ssh port enables in the security group still this issue is presist . it is confirmed internal firewall issue .


I detached the root volume from this web application instance and attached the volume into another running instance. Then, I navigated to the instance, mounted a volume to the mount point folder, and navigated into the ufw configuration folder for the volume device. I modified the rules and reloaded the firewall. Then, I unmounted the volume and detached the volume from this instance, reattached it to the web application instance. Finally, I tried to SSH. The issue got resolved. i have documented step-by-step solution for solving this issue .

I invite you to read the detailed documentation of this troubleshooting journey

Document link: [ ]

during this process any issue , feel free to reach out me in linkdin linkdin id : [ ]

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