Transit Gateway to Direct Connect Gateway to Transit Gateway


We can associate multiple TGWs to DX GW. Could we route in following scenario?

Transit Gateway (account-1) to Direct Connect Gateway (account-2) to Transit Gateway (account-2) , all within same region or inter-region?

Initial thoughts are NO, because we can:

  • Either do TGW to TGW peering (inter-region only?)
  • Or attach VPC from account-2, direct to TGW in account-1 (same region only?)
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No, you can't do that. Even VPC->Direct Connect Gateway->VPC does not work - traffic must exit the Direct Connect Gateway and be routed on the customer side.

You're correct otherwise - you can do inter-region Transit Gateway peering (same region not possible today and I would question why the customer needs two Transit Gateways in the same region - there are a very few cases where I would consider that a genuine requirement) and VPC connection to Transit Gateway is same-region only.

Updated 2022: Transit Gateway intra-region peering is now available but otherwise this answer is accurate.

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