VPC Peering and DNS resolution of a public Amazon Redshift cluster



I have a following situation: We have a Redshift cluster publicly accessible in our legacy VPC. When we try to connect to it from within a peered VPC we get an issue that it resolves to a PUBLIC IP address and not the private IP address accessible via VPC peering. If I remove the "public" tag and it becomes pure private then it resolves the private IP and it's all fine. What I want is to access the VPC privately.. The route table works - if I manually type the IP of the redshift cluster I can access it - but the DNS is not resolving to the private IP.

Question: How can we change this? Is there a private dns name for the redshift cluster?

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If you want VPC A accesses the private IPv4 addresses of VPC B through VPC peering, you can enable DNS resolution support for a VPC peering connection. After that, you can resolve to the private DNS IP address of redshift


answered 3 years ago

Now that Amazon Redshift supports cross-VPC access using Amazon Redshift-managed VPC endpoints, you can configure Amazon Redshift clusters to expose additional endpoints running on public or private subnets within the same VPC, different VPC, or different AWS accounts, which enables you to add an additional layer of security to access your clusters regardless of where they run, with no infrastructure to manage


answered 7 months ago

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