I can't detach / delete a storage gateway volume


After a power failure on the appliance server (Microsoft hyperV), two "orphaned" volumes remain, and it does not allow me to detach them from the gateway. The following error appears: "Failed to detach one or more volumes vol-xxxxxxxxxx.

Make sure the gateways associated with any volumes you want to detach are online and available, and that the volumes are not currently in use by any iSCSI initiators."

From Windows, where they are hosted via iSCSI, I do not see those associated volumes.

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1 Answer

The error message you're receiving suggests that the volumes are still attached to the gateway and potentially being used by an iSCSI initiator, which is preventing them from being detached. Have you checked:

  1. in the AWS Storage Gateway console or through the AWS CLI: the gateway associated with these volumes is online and available? If the gateway is not online, you won't be able to detach the volumes.
  2. if any other applications or services on the same server or other servers are using these volumes via iSCSI?
  3. You can try to force detach the volumes from the gateway.
  4. If the force detach operation fails, you can try restarting the gateway services.
answered 2 months ago

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