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Hello, my name is Victor and I am 18 years old and I have been studying cloud computing for some time... I have 2 Azure certifications but my great passion is AWS and today I come to ask for tips and guidance on how to grow within this platform, I am studying to remove AWS Practitioner this month and in January I will remove Architected Solutions.

What is the main thing I have to know/understand to become an excellent professional in the future?

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Hey Victor,

First of all, congrats on pursuing your passion!

I can give you some general guidance, but the industry is so broad that it's hard to give a more precise answer.

  • Study, study and study. Doesn't really matter what, but this industry moves too fast, so we have to keep up.
  • Everyone has their own way of learning, but I always recommend people to learn by doing as much as possible.
  • Learn to code. Regardless if you want to be a developer or not, to successfully work with cloud you have to understand SDLC and to be able to do some coding yourself.
  • Don't be overwhelmed. There are just too many services and technologies out there. You will not know all of them and no one does. Be mindful of the shiny object and try to keep in mind that technology must have a (business) goal. It must serve a purpose. Technology per technology doesn't make sense.
  • Understand that hard skills can only take you so far in terms of career progression, so be mindful of also developing your soft skills.
  • Don't be afraid of the unknown. Working with something you don't know/don't have experience can be a great growth opportunity.
  • You are young, so don't let others talk you down just because you are less experienced/tenured or younger. Time will come when you will have more technical knowledge about things than other older/more tenured engineers. Trust your instincts.
  • At the same time, be humble and have the apprentice mindset. Sometimes you may not agree with someone and speaking up may be a good opportunity for you to learn from other's perspective.
  • Very important - Have fun! Seriously, be careful with burning-out and with fomo.
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answered 2 months ago


I assume you already know about the benefits of cloud computing. You should sign up for an AWS account and get a feel for the AWS Console. Follow AWS tutorials to provision resources:

You should then learn what Infrastructure as Code is and how it relates to DevOps on AWS:

Finally you should learn about the six pillars of the Well Architected Framework to help you design good architectures:

answered 2 months ago

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