I can't connect to virtual server


I was connecting to a virtual server that I opened in about 3 days without any problems. When I try to connect today, I cannot connect to the virtual server. I've rebooted several times and still can't log in. What could be the reason for this?

  • What are you using to connect to your virtual server? Did your IP address change? Also, have you already checked the security group of your EC2?

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In the AWS console, verify that your EC2 instance is running. And verify that its public IP address is the same as 3 days ago (if the instance was stopped for a while and then restarted its public IP will have changed).

Verify the inbound rules for the security group that is applied to your instance, looking for TCP port 22 (if it's Linux) or TCP port 3389 (if it's Windows). Is it allowing inbound connections from anywhere ( or only your IP address.

If it's only allowing connections from your IP address then is this still the same today as it was 3 days ago? Your IP is going to be different at home compared to in the office, and different again if you are on a VPN while WFH. Even if you're always at home, your home IP may change periodically depending on your ISP.

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