Alias a dual-stack Global Accelerator in Route 53


Now AWS Global Accelerator finally can be configured as dual-stack it would be a good option that you can 'alias' a dual-stack global accelerator as AAAA record in Route 53. You can now only use this dual-stack configuration in Route 53 by entering the IPv6 addresses manually.

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Just tried creating AAAA alias records in R53 for some of our zones, and while it has no problems creating them, they don't return an IP address. Testing the record shows it "Insync", and if you test the AAAA record, your result will just be:

DNS response code No Error Protocol UDP Response returned by Route 53

Aliases to CloudFront A and AAAA work fine, and an alias to an A on a GlobalAccelerator work fine. As for now, AAAA aliases are broken pointing GlobalAccelerators for us.

I suggest you test in R53 and do a dig to verify to see if you get an answer from your alias. We don't get any AAAA results. Tried contacting support to submit a bug, they blamed 3rd party DNS, failing to understand that I'm testing from within the AWS console.

As a workaround, we just copy the AAAA ip address from the GlobalAccelerator and make an AAAA record.

answered 6 months ago

You can now create AAAA alias record in Route 53 for Global Accelerator endpoints.

answered a year ago

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