Wordpress on EC2 responds an error "this site can't be reached" frequently.


I am using AWS EC2, and our site is frequently not reached. In the console, I checked the server status using the below command, sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh status, and it shows Apache, Mariadb, and PHP-fpm were not running. I need to restart the services frequently to reach the site.

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What about Increasing the size of the instance? I had a issue similar, I increased the instance size to t2alarge and it solved my issue.

answered 8 months ago
  • My Instance size is T3 Large and i have a free space also.

  • Can you give some other solution for this because my instance size is T3 Large and i have a free space also



Is autostart enabled with the following command?
If the system does not start even if autostart is enabled, it is necessary to check the system logs to find the cause of the stoppage, etc.

sudo systemctl enable httpd
sudo systemctl enable mariadb
sudo systemctl enable php-fpm
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answered 8 months ago
  • I am running the above commands, but it shows the error, can you please clear this Failed to enable unit: Unit file httpd.service does not exist. Failed to enable unit: Unit file mariadb.service does not exist. Failed to enable unit: Unit file php-fpm.service does not exist.


why don't you run those service commands, after you do sudo su, see if that works, could be permissions issue !

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answered 8 months ago
  • I tried this after using sudo su, but the above issues exist.

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