EBS Degraded and EC2 instance deleted all of a sudden last night Oct 16 2023


I had application running on EBS and was working fine until yesterday Oct 16 but then it stopped working sometime yesterday night. I see today that my EBS is in degraded state and EC2 instance doesn't even exist meaning got deleted automatically somehow. I remember getting AMI BPA email on Oct 12 but not sure if that has anything to do with it. In that email it does say AMI BPA will be enabled in all regions on Oct 16 so that is the only coincident I can think of but reading that email doesn't sound like my EBS env should get affected. I tried to look at logs and events on EBS but no success since I believe because of no EC2 instance. Any help or clue could help me find the root cause so that this doesn't happen again. thank you so much.

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1 Answer

Was the instance part of any autoscaling?

Is there any scheduled event for this instance?

answered 4 months ago

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