Legal Implications of Sharing AWS DeepRacer Videos


We have conducted a community race ( live racing) event involving AWS DeepRacer across multiple companies. I would like to share the racing videos with each company, but I am concerned that these videos may contain copyrighted material from AWS. Is it legally permissible to upload these videos to YouTube as unlisted, accessible only to those with the URL? I have reached out to AWS compliance support but haven't received a response, so I am posting this query in the community. Thank you for re:Post.

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I would suggest reviewing the terms of service and usage policies provided by AWS, particularly those related to DeepRacer. These documents typically outline the permitted uses of AWS services and may contain information about content sharing and distribution. You can find the official rules document at this link " -2019-Official-Rules-English-May-2019.pdf". I recommend reaching out to AWS Support for the most up-to-date documents about the terms and conditions. While I was able to find this online, please confirm with the AWS Support team. Remember that legal considerations can be complex, and it's crucial to seek professional legal advice to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and agreements. The guidance provided here is not legal advice, and consulting with legal professionals is recommended for a comprehensive understanding of your situation.

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