Cannot Attach EC2 EBS Volume to New Linux Instance


I have a snapshot of an old EC2 Classic instance (the instance had only one volume and the AMI name was bitnami-lampstack-5.4.26-2-linux-ubuntu-12.04.3-i386-ebs-mp-5de43bc7-1c0b-411e-b631-370780bfd882-ami-63524d0a.2). I am trying to recover the files off of it by attaching it as a second volume to a new EC2 instance. I have created a t2.micro Linux instance (using the AMI al2023-ami-2023.1.20230809.0-kernel-6.1-x86_64). I created a volume (gp2) based on a the old snapshot. Both the volume and the instance are in availability zone us-east-1b. I tried to attach it to the new instance both by using the console and the CloudShell command line. In both cases, I get the message, "The instance configuration for this AWS Marketplace product is not supported. Please see the AWS Marketplace site for more information about supported instance types, regions, and operating systems." Applying --debug to the CloudShell command does not produce any additional feedback. What's going on?

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The volume you are trying to attach (not the root volume, which is running Amazon Linux and is fine) sounds like it's in-scope of this:

If a volume has an AWS Marketplace product code:

  • You can attach a volume only to a stopped instance.
  • You must be subscribed to the AWS Marketplace code that is on the volume.
  • The instance's configuration, such as its type and operating system, must support that specific AWS Marketplace code. For example, you cannot take a volume from a Windows instance and attach it to a Linux instance.
  • AWS Marketplace product codes are copied from the volume to the instance.

Hopefully the fix will be as simple as the first bullet point (stopping the instance and attaching the new volume while it's down), the others sound like you'll need to start going through the documentation around the Bitnami Lampstack Ubuntu image that the original host was built with.

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answered 9 months ago
  • I should have specified, the instance is stopped when I try to attach the volume. Can you tell me how to identify if the volume has an "AWS Marketplace product code?"


    I guess this means spinning up the old Classic EC2 instance (if you can).

    The third bullet point - you cannot take a volume from a Windows instance and attach it to a Linux instance - might be relevant too, there may be a restriction in mounting a Bitnami Lampstack Ubuntu volume onto an Amazon Linux instance.

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