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Greetings, I have the Activate Founder credit and on the credits page shows the 1k credit as of Jan 28th, 2024. The 12th, I got a bill which reflected usage of some credit but on the credits page, I still show the 1k in credit available. When is this page/balance updated? Monthly perhaps? Thanks in advance. Rick

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As you know, your balance is updated every month.

  • To view your credit balance since the last billing date, navigate to the Credits page in the Billing console. You can find the credit balance under the Amount remaining column. Your credit balance is updated each month at the end of the current billing cycle. For example, if you already applied a credit to an invoice this month, the Amount remaining column will be updated at the end of this billing cycle.

  • To view your estimated credit balance for the current month, navigate to the Bills page in the Billing console, and then choose the Savings tab. This credit balance is updated every 24 hours and shows your latest estimated credit balance.

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  • Thanks. This confirms my guess on the monthly update. I super appreciate this (and your other) answer. regards, Rick

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