Same zone for S3 Express One Zone and Lambda


When creating an S3 Express One Zone bucket (i.e. the new Directory bucket type), it asks me to select the availability zone. The instructions say:

For optimal performance, choose an Availability Zone local to your compute services. The Availability Zone can’t be changed after the bucket is created.

Since I am going to access the bucket from an AWS Lambda function, I understand the above instructions to mean that my Lambda function should run in the same availability zone. However, there is no option to choose a zone when creating a Lambda function. In what way can I follow the above advice for achieving optimal performance?

P.S. The question at SO

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To connect a Lambda function to an Amazon S3 Express One Zone, you should configure a VPC and subnet in the same AWS Region and AZ that you have set up your new bucket.
Your lambda function should be configured to use private networking as explained in the documentation here

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