Impossible to delete Sagemaker resources


On Oct 23, I looked at Sagemaker for less than an hour, and found a number of issues with the reliability of the first model I tried. I then proceeded to shut it down, due to these issues and found that I could not delete the user created or the domain. Looking at the resources, there appeared to be nothing running.

I have since found that AWS have charged thousands of dollars, even though it has never been used, and whatever was running was not able to be shut down.

Looking at the UI for the past hour, there is no evidence of anything running still and no way of deleting the domain or the user. On some screens it shows a button to "Delete User" or "Delete Domain", but those buttons are merely text, with no ability to click anything (other than it selecting the text itself when double clicking). It is just text.

I can send screenshots through, but how is it possible that the UI makes it impossible to delete resources created, that you then charge for?

I have spoken with billing, but they will not do anything until the resources are deleted. Your interface makes it impossible to delete resources. I am extremely technical, but I can not figure it out and have already wasted too much time trying. I have nowhere to go unless you can help me. Meanwhile it is still running up a bill!!

Thank you

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I'm facing a bug made me can not delete inference endpoint and I'm still be charged. the error says "Cannot delete endpoint with inference component associated. Please delete inference component and try it again.". I can not find any help. Really tired.

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See: and A likely situation is that you have a real time endpoint running, and you need to delete it.

If you are using the AWS CLI, you can list your endpoints, and then delete them, as follows. You will also need to set the region (e.g. REGION="us-east-1"):

aws sagemaker --region $REGION list-endpoints --output text
aws sagemaker --region $REGION delete-endpoint --endpoint-name <endpoint-name>
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  • I have an endpoint that is perpetually shown in the UI having status "Deleting". It does not show in the output of the list-endpoints command from the AWS CLI. Attempting to delete the endpoint anyway using the AWS CLI gives an error message.

    aws sagemaker delete-endpoint --endpoint-name automl-dm-ep-22-11-47-10 An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the DeleteEndpoint operation: Could not find endpoint "automl-dm-ep-22-11-47-10".


This is painful. I resorted to delete by CLI Open up CloudShell

3 useful commands to list resources

aws sagemaker list-user-profiles
aws sagemaerk list-apps
aws sagemaker list-domains

Delete in sequence: space, app, user and domain

$ aws sagemaker describe-domain --domain-id d-your-domain-id
$ aws sagemaker delete-app --domain-id d-yourdomain-id --app-type JupyterLab --app-name default --space-name jupyter-private
aws sagemaker delete-user-profile --user-profile-name your-user-name
aws sagemaker delete-domain --domain-id d-xxxxxxx
answered a month ago
  • All of the resource listing commands return empty results for me:

    [cloudshell-user@ip-DD-DDD-DD-DD ~]$ aws sagemaker list-user-profiles { "UserProfiles": [] } [cloudshell-user@ip-DD-DDD-DD-DD ~]$ aws sagemaker list-apps { "Apps": [] } [cloudshell-user@ip-DD-DDD-DD-DD ~]$ aws sagemaker list-domains { "Domains": [] }

    But the endpoint still shows as "Deleting" in Inference > Endpoints.

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