Event Bridge Notification for the Failed Datapipelines


I want to get the notification on Failed DataPipelines through event bridge only when they fail. I used the following event pattern but this didn't work. It can be done through the data pipeline SNS settings but I want to be done through Event Bridge. { "source": ["aws.datapipeline"], "detail-type": ["Data Pipeline State Change"], "detail": { "state": ["FAILED", "CANCELED"] } }

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Hi Shyam,

Can you try the following event pattern please,

{ "source": ["aws.datapipeline"], "detail-type": ["Data Pipeline Execution State Change"], "detail": { "state": ["FAILED", "CANCELED"] } }

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answered 8 months ago
  • Thanks Dave for commenting but the provided pattern didn't work either.


Hi, what exact error do you have? Maybe it's something about permissions when it sends the info via SNS?

Also, just FYI: AWS Data Pipeline is in maintenance mode and AWS is not planning to expand the service to new regions.

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answered 8 months ago
  • I don't get any error I checked the cloudtrail and the event name that i got is QueryObjects and SetStatus but no Cancel or Fail.

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