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I am trying to use the AWS Connect API (using .NET) to get the same data that can be returned from the Contact Search in the Connect UI. I am able to get most of the fields by calling SearchContacts to get a list of contacts for a particular date range. I also added other fields to the user defined contact attributes and I'm calling GetContactAttributes to get those.

However, I haven't been able to return the fields AfterContactWorkStartTimestamp, AfterContactWorkEndTimestamp, and AgentConnectionAttempts.

How do I get the fields (AfterContactWorkStartTimestamp, AfterContactWorkEndTimestamp, and AgentConnectionAttempts) returned from the Connect API if I know the Contact ID and Agent ID?

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Kindly note that the SearchContacts API does not return all the information that is shown in the Contact Search console on Amazon Connect console. If we refer to the the documentation we can see that the response body does not contain the fields of fields AfterContactWorkStartTimestamp, AfterContactWorkEndTimestamp, and AgentConnectionAttempts.

You can export contact records and agent events from Amazon Connect and perform real-time analysis on contacts. As a workaround for this use-case, we can enable data streaming for the connect instance Data streaming sends data to Amazon Kinesis. Please refer to the doc here for further information about the same:

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