SQL Server RDS Service Broker Issue


I have enabled service broker in RDS SQL Server 2019 in Database1. And the messages are getting posted into the queues. The queues are to be processed and the messages needs to be written into Database2 within the same instance via a stored procedure . However I am receiving the error ** "The server principal "rdsa" is not able to access the database "Database2" under the current security context."**

Please assist.

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The error usually occurs in the following circumstances:

  • The database was created by another login account. And, the master user login isn't mapped to a database user in the database and granted privileges to the database.
  • The database user previously mapped to the master user login with proper permissions was explicitly deleted.

To resolve this issue, reset the master user password. Resetting the password creates a database user mapped to the master user login if that user was deleted. It also grants the db_owner fixed database role to the user.

For more information, Kindly refer to the following documetation: [+] https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/rds-sql-server-restore-master-user

answered a month ago

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