Can we have multiple delegated admins for AWS Config in an AWS Organizaton?


Please advise if it is possible to have multiple (limit is 3) delegated administrator for AWS Config setup. This will allow us to demarcate the Config for different environments like Regulated, Unregulated etc in an AWS Organization? I am planning to use 3 different member accounts have the role of delegated administrator account for AWS Config for the specific set of member accounts. Many thanks

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AWS Config supports only one Delegated Administrator. Alternatively, you can use multiple aggregators to separate Config data. See here for a step-by-step guide to create an aggregator. This will not distribute permissions to manage Config rules across multiple accounts, but allows to view the resource configuration and compliance data recorded in AWS Config across multiple specified accounts.

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  • Hi, Thanks for your answer. But the tutorial states "The maximum number of delegated admins that the management account can assign for AWS Config ( is 3." What does this indicate?

  • You can have up to 3 delegated admin account. You can just set up different aggregator for each delegated admin to target a different subset of member accounts.

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