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I am using AWS AppSync to connect between a database on AWS DynamoDB and a Laravel website. However, there's an issue when requesting orders that exceed 20. Where can I find the problem? Is there a limitation in AWS AppSync causing this?

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AWS AppSync does have limitations on the number of results returned by a single GraphQL query. By default, the maximum number of results returned by a single query is 100. This limit is imposed to prevent excessive data transfer and potential performance issues.

If you are experiencing issues with querying orders that exceed 20, it's possible that you are hitting this default limit. To address this, you can adjust the pagination settings in your GraphQL schema to allow for larger result sets.

This could be of help :-

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answered a month ago
  • Okay .. Can I request increase this limit?

  • Yes you can through AWS Support. You can open a ticket for this

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