Create a record in Route 53 in eu-west-3


I want to create a record pointing to my cloudfront distribution, which is located in Paris (eu-west-3). The easy way is to create an alias record pointing to the distribution. However this feature is only available for distributions in N. Virginia. So how can I add a record pointing to my site? It's a cloudformation stack, I created a cloudfront for it. It also has an HttpApi with an endpoint. Enter image description here

  • Your end-users will be re-routed to closer CloudFront edge, there is no need to force them to Paris. I'm not sure that is even possible.

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CloudFront distributions are created in us-east-1 only (because it is a Global resource) and hence you see just that option. If you have created the distribution, you should be able to see it under us-east-1.

answered 3 months ago
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  • Ok thanks. So how come I do not see my distribution in the dropdown?

  • Is it the same account?

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