New pricing of PublicIPv4: min interval, and rounding?


How is the minimum billing period for a PublicIPv4 calculated? e.g.:

  1. If a public IP is auto-allocated (along with ec2 instance) and used for only 10 seconds, is IP billed for the exact 10 seconds or rounded to a minimum time like 1 minute?

  2. For an EIP allocated to account for just 10 seconds, how is the billing period determined?

  3. Another question: is there rounding in general? Let's say IP was used for 1m40s. Will I be billed for 2 minutes or 1m40s?

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As with every other AWS service you're billed monthly. The cumulative total of all IPv4 usage will be charged in hours, to a granularity of thousands (0.001) of an hour.

e.g. this month I have created (and then destroyed) a few EC2s in us-east-1 with public IPs, and the line in my bill for this month-to-date looks like:

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answered 2 months ago
  • And do you know if there's a minimal interval. I know that if you allocate an ec2 instance you need to pay for at least 1 minute. Even if you used it for 10 seconds.

    So I was wondering if there is something similar for public ips pricing. The charges I've seen on my acc indicate that there is. (specially for auto-assigned public ips for ec2 instances)

  • To get the definitive answer down to this level of detail I'd suggest logging a billing support call with AWS directly at

    • Type: Account and billing
    • Service: Billing
  • Thanks Steve. I tried that already that are unsure of how this works either. Also tried to talk with sales team which are unsure as well.

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