How do I check my current SageMaker service quotas?


How do I check my current service quotas for Amazon SageMaker?

In the case of Amazon EC2, service quotas can be checked here:

For SageMaker, the default quotas are listed here: but there isn't a link to where one can find the current region-specific quotas for an account, which could have changed after a request for a service quota increase.

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Unfortunately, AWS Sagemaker is not supported for direct visibility into the service quotas. We have an existing feature request for SageMaker Integration with the Service Quotas page as below. However, I currently done have an ETA for the same as it would depend on feasibility and further integration.

Having said that, the below documentations provides the default values as you mentioned: [+]

I would suggest to contact the AWS Support when ever you wish to get to get insights on current quotas currently.

answered 2 years ago
Accepted Answer

Amazon SageMaker has now been integrated with Service Quotas. You should be able to find current SageMaker quotas for your account in the Service Quotas console. You can also request for a quota increase right from the Service Quotas console itself.

answered 2 years ago
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