Migrate from Azure to AWS ( new to cloud architecture)


I have recently been presented with the opportunity to move to a more cloud architect role within my company. I have my AZ-900 and AWS Practitioner certs for both, So I have a ok understanding of cloud basics. I am currently working toward my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Along this journey I am keeping separate notes of key services and concepts that will aid me in this migration. The team being developed has very limited AWS knowledge to my understanding , but some are rather knowledgeable within the world of Azure. I see this as an amazing opportunity to take a giant leap in my career, and within my company. As well as an amazing chance to learn in a real world scenario that is difficult to replicate with partial labs.

My question to you beautiful people is, at a very high level where do I start in the process and what should the process look like? I do not need a overly in depth response, but more so key actions to take and I can do the research on my own. I plan on leaning heavy on IaC and am currently leaning to using CloudFormation to build out our enviorments. I am assuming my approach would be something like generating some form of diagram of our current Azure enviorments , and then mimicing best I can in cloud formation? Or maybe just build everything one at a time while comparing to Azure ( Seems not very efficient though) , Hopefully for some useful insights that I can build off of.


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You can contact your AWS account team for further assistance. If you are unsure, you can reach out to Sales Support at https://aws.amazon.com/contact-us/sales-support/

answered 2 months ago

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