AWS DMS Homogeneous Migrations - Can't create Data Migration inside Migration Project


Hello there,

Our company is currently migrating PostgreSQL databases from EC2 instances to the AWS RDS service. We migrated over 24 databases, and everything was okay till Monday. Since yesterday, we can't create new Data Migrations inside the Migration Project. We are migrating from PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL, so we are using AWS DMS Homogeneous Migrations serverless service.

In the Data Migration creation window, we type the data migration name, select FULL LOAD, and select the proper migration role - After pressing the Create Data Migration button, we face such error:

The selection rule is not valid. Review your selection rules and try again.

The thing is, we are not able to define any selection rules - we are only able to choose between FULL LOAD, Full load and change data capture (CDC), and Change data capture (CDC) - since it is homogeneous migration, we aren't able to define such rules.

On Monday we managed to perform a couple of migrations and we were able to create such Data Migrations inside the project, but since Tuesday we weren't able to do so. Seems like something changed in the DMS service, or - this is a bug.

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Hello Michael.

This has been identified as a bug in DMS. A patch is scheduled for release soon but have no ETA at the moment. Please give it a couple of (business) days and try again.

I hope this helps.

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answered 9 months ago

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