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Hello, I have two SQS queues: one in us-east-1, and one in us-west-1. Currently my Step Function state machine is located in us-west-1, and has no trouble calling SQS API actions on the us-west-1 queue; however, any actions on the us-east-1 queue fail saying the queue cannot be found. Do Step Functions support using a queue outside of the state machine's region? If so, where is the parameter to set the queue region?

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Don't believe it is possible to send messages to an SQS queue in a different region from either Lambda Functions or Step Functions. You could however send messages from the Step Function to an SNS Topic and then send from the SNS Topic to an SQS Queue in a different region, provided your two regions are in a supported combination, as per this document -

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answered 2 years ago

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