Data Migration from one s3 to another account s3 using data sync


I would like to know how much time will took for migrating 200 TB data and 50 million objects from one s3 to another account s3 using data sync and also want to know the cost for it.

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Depending on the region, the following would be calculated for Northern Virginia.
200000GB * 0.0125USD = 2,500 USD

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  • I need s3 transfer out cost for data migration using data sync for 200 TB and 50 million objects

  • I relied on the documentation to calculate this. The charges incurred at the destination S3 would be as follows.
    0.005USD * 5,0000000/1000 + 0.023USD * 50TB + 0.022USD * 150TB = 4,700USD
    The breakdown is as follows.

    0.005USD * 5,0000000/1000

    This is the fee for put requests to S3, etc. 0.005USD per 1000 times, so 5,0000000 divided by 1000.

    0.023USD * 50TB + 0.022USD * 150TB

    The first 50 TB is 0.023 USD and the next 450 TB is 0.022 USD.

    Also, data transfer to S3 should be free within the same AWS region.
    Even if it were in a different region, it would be 0.02USD per GB, which would be 4,000USD.

    For exact fees, please contact AWS support using "Account and billing".

  • May i know how many days it will take for 200TB to migrate from one account s3 to another account s3 and also i think the data transfer charges will applicable for migrating one account s3 to another account s3 let me confirm the charges for tokyo region. Thanks

  • S3 0.005USD * 5,0000000/1000 + 0.023USD * 50TB + 0.022USD * 150TB = 4,700USD 0.02USD * 200000GB = 4,000USD
    DataSync 200000GB * 0.0125USD = 2,500USD
    If the calculation method is correct, the fee would be as follows. 4,700USD + 4,000USD + 2,500USD = 11,200USD
    The transfer rate would be calculated as follows if the maximum could be used.

    Transferring hot or cold data should not impede your business. DataSync is equipped with granular controls to optimize bandwidth consumptions. Throttle transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps during off hours and set limits when network availability is needed elsewhere.

    1,600,000,000,000,000bit = 200TBtye ×1000×1000×1000×1000 × 8bit 10,000,000,000bit = 10Gbps ×1000×1000×1000 160000.00sec = 1,600,000,000,000,000bit ÷ 10,000,000,000bit × 1 If the transfer rate can be used to the maximum, the following times would be possible. 1 day and 20 hours, 26 minutes, 40 seconds

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