PostrgreSQL with Pgvector extension or Astra DB as a vector DB for RAG approach using Bedrock?



I'm building a RAG approach app using bedrock behind the scenes. I was searching and testing different vectorial databases, but since I need to have more control over the data and filter it per user in my case I'm using PostgreSQL with pgvector. But doing some research I found out about Astra DB.

Which one is better for RAG approach and embeddings? Both are good options? Or One of them is better than the other one?

Thank you!

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I like this post which depicts well the advantages of all possible database types that you can use for embeddings:

Personally, I would initially try with pgvector as it is available on AWS Aurora and see how far I go with it:

This post gives the limits of pgvector if you are at really high scale:



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answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks man!

  • You're very welcome!

  • When do you think pgvector will be in his limit of data to migrate to a full vectorial database? I'm new in the vectorial DBs and I don't know which will be a good estimate number of rows in PostgreSQL to start considering the migration to a full vectorial DB


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