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Hello, Regardless how deep I go with AWS DNS resolution, seems that I still can't grasp the whole concept. I created a VPC end point for CW-Logs in Account-1 VPC A in us-east-1. When I do nslookup to the domain name of the AWS service endpoint DNS name from an EC2 of the same account but different VPC and region (VPCB in eu-west-1) it resolves the private IP address of the interface endpoint. (the interface is in a private subnet). On top of that I did an nslookup from a different account and still resolves it. I would also like to point out all VPCs I am testing are not connected in anyway. Should it do that? I am looking to understand how it works. Thank you.

  • When you say "from a different account and still resolves it" could you be more specific? Do you mean you get a private address? Or a public address?

  • Hi Brettski, It resolves the private IP. Sorry for the late response. was supposed to comment here. sorry

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DNS records for endpoints are public; you've noted that it resolves the private IP of the endpoint - that's not reachable from the Internet nor does it tell you which VPC the private IP address belongs to. This is normal behaviour.

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answered 2 years ago
  • I understand its like creating an A record of private IP to a public DNS name, you can see the mapping of name and IP and that pretty much it. Thank you very much


Hello, please, someone help me. I have been trying to create a record from Google Workspace on route 53 for a month now, but I can't do it because it gets suspended immediately after creating an account, and I have no way to do this. I have contacted support many times. I got it and don't care why I just want to record the Google record, why don't they give an access for this kind of work?

answered 6 months ago

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