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Hi, My question is about keytool usage ( If we have keys that were already created into CloudHSM (created with previous keytool -genkeypair commands for example), can we create a new keystore and use those previously created keys (by re-importing the cert on the keystore?)

Use cases:

  • If you lost your keystore, (you are still able to see our keys into cloudhsm) so you are able to regenerate a new keystore and then re-import the signed certificate on it to use it properly.
  • if you want to use keytool with existing keys created by another tool

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1 Answer

if keys were already created in CloudHSM using keytool or other methods, they can be imported into a new CloudHSM keystore.

To do this:

  • Create a new empty CloudHSM keystore and load it.

  • Use the key_mgmt_util importPrivateKey command to import each existing private key file into the HSM, specifying the new keystore alias.

  • The public key certificate corresponding to each private key can then be imported into the new keystore using keytool -importcert

  • Save the keystore to persist the imported keys. The keystore can then be reloaded as needed to access the imported keys.

answered 3 months ago

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