How to recover deleted AWS EventBridge Schedules


Hi -

I am wondering if this is possible, and if so, how I would do it?

I have not been able to find anything searching these forums or the internet about how to do this, except information suggesting it may not be possible, unless you have set up a workaround, like adding deleted schedule details to a CloudWatch log.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Recovering deleted AWS EventBridge schedules directly isn't possible through AWS itself once they have been removed. AWS doesn't provide a native "undo" or recovery option for deleted EventBridge schedules. The immutable nature of most AWS resources means that once they are deleted, they're gone unless you've taken steps beforehand to back them up or log their configurations.

To safeguard and recover deleted AWS EventBridge schedules, focus on these essentials:

  1. Use Infrastructure as Code: Manage and version control EventBridge schedules with tools like AWS CloudFormation or Terraform for easy recovery.

  2. Backup and Document: Regularly document and back up EventBridge configurations for manual recreation if needed.

  3. Enable AWS CloudTrail: Use CloudTrail logs to track and retrieve details of deleted schedules for manual restoration.

  4. Automate Restoration: Create scripts to automate the recovery process by utilizing CloudTrail logs and the AWS SDK or CLI.

  5. Monitor with CloudWatch: Set up CloudWatch Logs and Alarms to get alerts on deletion events, aiding in prompt recovery actions.

  6. Implement Strict Policies: Enforce IAM policies and change management practices to minimize unauthorized or accidental deletions.

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