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Hello, I read through the AWS Docs for IPAM but am a little unsure about public IP allocation. I plan on bringing a /24 CIDR and share across out organization with RAM. I understand the steps needed to create pools and share across the org. However, my question is, can I use a public pool to share my /24 across multiple accounts within a region. For example, can account-a and account-b, both in us-east-1 allocate public IP's from my /24 assigned to the us-east-1 region? accopunt-a may need 10 IP's and account-b about 5. Is something like that possible?


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Yes, this should be possible with IPAM.

See below note from the documentation:

  • Improves public IP addresses utilization across your organization: You can use IPAM to share IP address space across AWS accounts. Without using IPAM, you cannot share your public IP space across AWS Organizations accounts.

Currently Amazon VPC IP Address Manager supports doing this from the accounts via AWSCLI:

aws ec2 provision-public-ipv4-pool-cidr --region us-east-2 --ipam-pool-id ipam-pool-04d8e2d9670eeab21 --pool-id ipv4pool-ec2-09037ce61cf068f9a --netmask-length 27 --profile member-account

Note: I have personally not tested this, please update this thread so it can help others with similar requirements.

Thank you

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answered a year ago

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