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I have some workspaces running Windows server 2019. Many pages on AWS say that I should have a default dashboard for Workspaces but there is not one. I can't find any way to actually check usage either with browsing the AWS console, or using the aws scripts. I think the site layout has changed and the instructions are not current.

Who knows how to get Workspace usage currently?

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Hi JD,

Hopefully this will help....

To check the usage of your Amazon WorkSpaces running Windows Server 2019, you can use the AWS Management Console or AWS CLI. Here are steps for both methods:

AWS Management Console:

Sign in to the AWS Management Console:
    Open the AWS Management Console, sign in with your credentials.

Navigate to Amazon WorkSpaces:
    Go to the "Amazon WorkSpaces" service.

View WorkSpaces Usage:
    In the WorkSpaces console, you should see information about your WorkSpaces, including usage metrics.
    Check the "Usage" tab or a similar section where usage data is displayed.


Install and Configure AWS CLI:
    Make sure you have the AWS CLI installed and configured with the necessary credentials.

Run DescribeWorkspaces Command:
    Open your terminal or command prompt and use the following AWS CLI command to describe your WorkSpaces:

aws workspaces describe-workspaces

This command will provide information about your WorkSpaces, including details like RunningMode, State, and other relevant data.

Retrieve Usage Metrics: You can also use CloudWatch to retrieve usage metrics. Run the following command to get CloudWatch metrics for your WorkSpaces:

aws cloudwatch get-metric-statistics --namespace AWS/WorkSpaces --metric-name UserConnected --dimensions Name=WorkspaceId,Value=<your-workspace-id> --start-time <start-time> --end-time <end-time> --period <period> --statistics Sum

(Replace <your-workspace-id>, <start-time>, <end-time>, and <period> with appropriate values.)

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answered 3 months ago

Thank you for the reply, which matches what is available in the online docs. Unfortunately, my Workspaces does not populate any data in Cloudwatch, nor is there a default dashboard for Workspaces in my Cloudwatch screens; these are promised in the docs but not there. Perhaps the problem I need to overcome is why do I not have the expected Workspaces dashboard or any Workspaces data in my Cloudwatch.....

Yes, there is something vague in the docs about port 443 access; but it doesn't adequately describe from where and to what this port opening should be made to. Well, it does say AMAZON pool at us-east-1 is the FROM, but not really what the TO side of a firewall rule would be. My Workspace server is not mine to configure firewall rules for, Amazon owns it. And I use multiple clients inside my network to reach Workspaces; it would not be feasible to break NAT and port in 443 to all of them. So it's not clear and it's not achievable based on what I can figure. If the reference is to open for anything TO the AMAZON pool on 443 my NAT already takes care of that.

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Hello JD,

WorkSpaces provide automatic dashboard in CloudWatch to monitor different WorkSpaces metrics. Please follow this documentation for more details.

Additionally, you can create your own custom CloudWatch dashboard from the available CloudWatch metrics for WorkSpaces.

If you want to check or monitor individual WorkSpaces metrics, navigate to CloudWatch console > All metrics > Search/Filter for WorkSpaces service. Metrics are grouped by various dimension combinations under WorkSpaces. Select the metric and appropriate timeframe for which you want to check the data. Please follow this documentation for more details.

If none of the WorkSpaces metrics are populating then please open a support case for further assistance.

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