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I managed to include the AWS GameLift Plugin in a UE 4.27.2 C++ Sample Project and deployed my first GameServer to the Cloud, which is pretty awesome :-) Kudos to the team who made this plugin, it is excellent and extremely well structured!! Documentation is perfect. And thank you for including a 4.27.2 Version of the Plugin-Content, although the readme states it only works with UE 5.xx. I was able to compile everything against 4.27.2 without a single issue. For plugins I always have the ambition to recompile the full source-code of the plugin. For AWSSDK, GameLiftServer, OpenSSL and yaml, this was no problem, because sources are available on GitHub. I'm missing the sources for the Module CoreSDK, here aws-gamelift-authentication, aws-gamelift-core and aws-gamelift-profiles, which produce the resepctive dlls and export-libraries. Does anybody know, where they come from?? Maybe you can include them in the GameLiftPlugin GitHub repo. THX in advance for your help!! Regards, ricky

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Hey Ricky,

Thanks for using our product, I'm happy to hear it's been useful for you! Unfortunately, the CoreSDK source code is not open source yet. We do have an item in our backlog to open source it at some point; however, we don't have a timeline for when that work may be completed.

If you'd like, feel free to create an issue on our GitHub so we can track additional +1's for the feature request.


answered 3 months ago
  • Hi, thank you very much for coming back to this!! I had a look at the modules and I guess it is code from your other Unreal Solution GameKit Plugin, which is already available, maybe modified here and there, so open-sourcing it should not threaten any intellectual properties... I created a GitHub-Issue for this. Thanks again for your help and stay tuned!! Kindest Regards.


Thank you for reaching out to us. I see that you wish to know about the source of the gamelift plugin and sources for CoreSDK and other components . Upon researching on this I found the below github resources :

[+] Core SDK: https://github.com/aws/amazon-gamelift-plugin-unreal/tree/main/GameLiftPlugin/Source/CoreSDK

Further, you can also check the below repository for more source code : [+] https://github.com/aws/amazon-gamelift-plugin-unreal/tree/main

In case you face any further issue, please feel free to reach out to us via a Support Case and we will be delighted to assist you.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi, thank you for your time, but the answer didn't help! The GitHub Resources you pointed out are correct, this is where I checked out the respective Plugin. But as I said, it does not contain the source-code of the dlls mentioned. It is comparable to the GameLiftServer Subtree of this repo: it contains instructions where to find and build the source for the GameLiftServer subtree and where to later paste in the produced libraries. These instructions are MISSING for the CoreSDK subtree. There must be another repo with source and cmake files to bild theses three dlls and then they will be copied into the subtree. Thank you.

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