IPv6 Ec2 instance connect from IPv4 IP.


Not able to access IPv6 EC2 instance from IPv4 address using SSH. When I mention port 22 is open from anywhere (globally) I can able to access the server but when I whitelist specific address example port 22 from I am not able to connect the server. any solution to whitelist specific IPv4 address to communicate with IPv6 EC2 instance.

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Instance types: IPv6 is supported on all instance types, except C1, M1, M2, M3, and T1.

if you want ssh to a ec2 instance via public ip address:

  1. Make ec2 accessible to the internet
  • you MUST put your ec2 instance into a public subnet
  • assign a public ip to it (a public ipv4 address or a ipv6 address).
  1. Open the SSH port for your client (usually the 22 port)

for example:

  1. check route table,ensure that your EC2 is on a public subnet Enter image description here
  2. check you security group Enter image description here
  3. ssh into you ec2(can accessible both public ipv4 and ipv4 ) Enter image description here

my ec2 have a public ipv4 address and a ipv6 address Enter image description here

for more details:

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answered 6 months ago
  • From globally its working. not an issue allow port 22 from ::/0 its working. issue comes when I restrict the port from specific IP. port 22 allowed from to access IPv6 address. my home network don't have IPv6 address. so without open globally how I restrict my IPv4 address to access the Ec2 instance which is running on IPv6 address.

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