EC2 instance public IP and DNS IP not working


Hello, I created an EC2 instance, with default Amazon AMI, and with default VPC, created a new security group, and allowed HTTP, HTTPS and SSH ports in a security group. Instance is created successfully and with health check passed but when I click on the open address of Public IPv4 address or Public IPv4 DNS it is not opening and displays the site can't be reached error. Can someone guide me to where is the issue?

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To be able to reach your instance over http, you also need to run a webserver on your instance. Have you started the httpd service on your instance? You can validate if the instance is listening on port 80/443 using 'netstat -an' . You should definitely be able to SSH to the instance and validate http settings.

answered 2 years ago
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  • But I saw so many youtube tutorials like they created EC2 and open public ipv4 address and it displays some kind of IP and zone, without using httpd or Nginx server. How it is possible?


What's an example youtube tutorial you've followed that didn't work? How exactly did you try to connect to the instance, and what exactly was the error you got?

answered 2 years ago
  • Like, in EC2 instance external link IP:Port_Number with that my app is open but not with public ipv4 or DNS ip

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