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We have a web-based application running in standard n-tier architecture (EC2 instance web server, EC2 instance DB server, application/network load balancers etc) with authentication handled by AWS Managed Active Directory.

My question: is there a method/mechanism/app/tool that allows "self-service" for users hosted in that directory? Eg, if a user forgets their password or it expires, how can we handle them requesting it be reset?

Something similar to ManageEngine AD Self Service Plus is what I'm thinking but am wondering if AWS has anything they provide? I'm leaning towards possibly some sort of integration with AWS Identity Center but that looks like it needs Organizations to be setup and I don't know if that's in our scope at this time.

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A proposal in case, you're not heavily bound to AD: on AWS, self-service authentication is provided by AWS Cognito. 50'000 users per month are in the free-tier.

See or for the features in detail:

This post will propose you a very incremental way to migrate:

Using this mechanism will allow you to test on a limited number of users very safely.



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answered 8 months ago
  • Hi Didier,

    Thanks for your response, much appreciated! Unfortunately we are somewhat bound to AD; can Cognito interface with AD and provide the self service portion there, do you know?

    Many thanks,


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