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When I refer to this documentations:, it seems like merged APIs are intended for development purposes only. Can we use a merged API,

  • To combine several similar APIs hosted in different identical AWS accounts (identical in the sense that all the AWS services configured are the same but each user uses a separate account) into one Merged AppSync API where we can implement navigation to each account data sources?
  • To combine different APIs into one API endpoint so that users can use that to access multiple accounts' data sources?
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Hey! AppSync, including its merged API feature, may indeed be used in production environments. It's especially effective for serverless architectures, offering scalable, secure, and real-time data synchronization capabilities that integrate seamlessly with other AWS services, making it a robust choice for deploying serverless applications at scale.

I would recommend you to watch this video Serverless Berlin Meetup - Yan Cui - Lessons from running AppSync in production. In this video Yan Cui (AWS Serverless Hero) explain his lesson from running AppSync in production it could help you to answer many of the question it can surge in the way.

Can we merge APIs from different AWS accounts into one AppSync API for data source navigation?

Yes, it's possible to merge APIs from different AWS accounts into one centralized AppSync API. This setup involves configuring a single AppSync endpoint to route requests to the appropriate data sources across multiple accounts, based on custom logic within AppSync resolvers and using AWS IAM roles for secure cross-account access.

Can we create a unified API endpoint to access data sources across multiple accounts?

Indeed, you can consolidate APIs into one AppSync API endpoint, allowing users to access data from multiple AWS accounts through a single interface. This approach simplifies client interactions by providing a unified schema and endpoint, with careful attention to cross-account security and access control.

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answered 2 months ago

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